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Modern Dance (Limon, Horton) Dunham Technique
jazz, street-jazz, ballet, contemporary, theatre



Contemporary dance instructor, cultural educator, poet and visual artist,  Roxy Régine THEOBALD is also a PhD researcher-practitioner and works currently as guest lecturer at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick. Graduated in linguistic, she holds a first class honours Master 2 in Aesthetic Sciences and Technology of Arts combining Dance and theatre (France). Her thesis ' Altérité et aliénation en danse contemporaine (Otherness and alienation in contemporary dance), has been recognised as a significant contribution to the scholarship on contemporary dance in France and is available at the library of the National Dance Centre (CND-Pantin).

Her dance education includes The Ailey School (New-York), Goube European Dance Center, Studio Elsa Wolliaston (Paris). She trained under Joan Peters and Penny Godboldo (Dunham Technique), Zofia Kalinska (Physical Theatre), Larrio Ekson, Peter Goss (contemporary dance), Christopher L. Huggins, Hope Boykin (Modern’ jazz dance), Wayne Byars (Ballet), and Marie-Claude Pietragalla (Contemporary-Ballet).

Interdisciplinary researcher, her areas of interest lies in phenomenology, aesthetic and cultural borders, as self-reflexive processes, across dance, theatre, poetry and mixed media practices. Her ongoing research explores choreographing process as a means of self-exploration of body memory trauma and contrast French Africana diaspora. Roxy is a 2022 recipient of the Irish Research Government of Ireland award.

As a visual artist, her artwork ‘Undulating body’ has been exhibited at The Dorothy’s Gallery in Paris (2015).  As a reviewer, she published for Africultures, Dance Light Magazine,, Pratiques Corporelles (topic related to dance history, dance aesthetic, social and cultural aspects of identity issues).

As a dance scholar, Roxy has attended international academic conferences and lectured in research- to- performance at various venues, including Musée de l’Homme, Cité de immigration, Centre National de la Danse and Université Toulouse II- Jean Jaures (France, 2007- 2011); Dora Stratou Dance Theatre for UNESCO (Greece, 2006); Department of Ethnic Studies and English Literature of the Colorado College (US, 2011-2023).

These scholarly experiences, which have deepened her knowledge of African American culture, French Africana Diaspora and Black Dance Aesthetics, provided her with opportunities to contribute to the fields of Dance Studies. In France she shared her expertise on French media (2007, 2008, 2018).

Roxy was guest researcher at Indiana University-Bloomington where she works under the supervision of the renowned anthropologist of dance Anya Peterson Royce to conduct a doctoral research towards the rhetoric of identity in African-American aesthetic and dance performance (2004). Her research residency in New-York (2006) allowed her to meet and interview dance pioneers like Merce Cunningham, Gus Solomons jr. as well as  Bill T. Jones.

During the Spring quarter of 2023, she was International Artist-in-Residence, at SLIPPAGE-Lab (Evanston, Northwestern University), directed by Prof. Thomas DeFrantz.

National advisory panel member for the Dance State Diploma in France, Roxy's accomplishments in dance research have been effective with recognition by the Paris Ministry of Culture. Elected in 2022, she is also on the Board of Directors of Dance Limerick (Ireland).

National  Advisory Panel Member for the Dance State Diploma in France

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